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Wavy Hair

What are "hand-tied" hair extensions?

“Hand-tied” refers to the type of hair extension we use.  Each hair is individually “tied” to a weft so that the base of the extension is thin and weightless. When installed correctly this helps the hair extensions blend seamlessly into the natural hair.

How are they applied?

No tape, heat, or glue!!  We take into consideration the density of your natural hair and install rows of beads accordingly, which act as an anchor to sew the hair extensions to. Invisible Bead Extensions® is the method we use for the installation.  This is truly the healthiest method of hand-tied extension installation on the market and involves a very in-depth training program so that you can rest assured your extensions are being installed by a pro. The result is added fullness and length while maintaining your own hair and scalp health.  Most guests are actually able to grow their hair out while wearing IBE® extensions!

How much do they cost and what is the upkeep?

Get to the point already, amiright?!  Ok, there is no doubt that hair extensions are an investment (which is why it is so important to have something that is safe for your scalp and comfortable to wear). IBE® extensions are 100% custom to each guest, so the cost can vary significantly depending on the hair you have and the hair you want. This is why we always require an in-person consultation before the initial installation. There we can analyze your hair, discuss more about your goals, and come up with a personalized plan of action. This is also where you can expect an exact quote.  The menu below is a generalized list of prices for our most popular options.

We use only the highest quality hair, and with proper care you can expect hair to last up to a year before it needs to be replaced.  Move-ups are required every 8-10, and we use the same hair until new hair is needed. 

Initial Investment

Includes installation, coloring of extensions if needed, blending/shaping into natural hair, and style

*cost of hair does not include tax/shipping
**does not include coloring of natural hair


Move ups are required every 8-10 weeks in order to keep your natural hair and scalp healthy, and for the longevity of the extensions. 

$150 per row
$100 per mini-row

We use only the highest quality hair extensions, and with proper care they can last up to a year before new hair must be purchased. 

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